Argentine Justice Has Ordered the Capture of the Police Officer Who Shot and Killed the Puppies

The case of the mother dog who was shot by a police officer during her break continues to reverberate, after the veterinarian apologized for being late, referring to the fact that the animal is not castrated.

The surgery that tried to heal the dog lasted six hours. One of the eyes exploded, and with the tongue almost torn by bullets, it was speculated that the dog could not even lick any liquid.

The phrase “being late” touched the population and especially a group of volunteers who challenged said many people leave the dogs and their small puppies to their own fate.

Volunteers from the animal shelter emphasized that if at least the story of “miracles” touched the hearts of the people that this solidarity be extended to spread the other animals; “We have 80 dogs that need people to be responsible!

All of them are small miracles that are waiting for a miracle … we do what we can, and there are even people who confront us because we cannot get more dogs.

Milagros did not survive after the serious injuries caused by the impact of the bullets of the 9 mm gun used by the police corporation, in the report of her death, it is said that she was a maximum of 3 years old.

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