Elderly Lady Sees What’s On Officer’s Badge, Decides To Make Her Life A Living Hell (Video)

This is a sad story of an elderly woman who probably thinks that she can go viral on the internet by insulting and taunting police officers.

The video starts with her face and then she starts talking trash about a female police officer.

The owners of the business also asked her to leave but she continued her attitude and even kept swearing to people.

All of these were towards two police officers who wear black armbands that are used for the remembrance of their fallen friends.

You can watch the full video below:

Today, people can do really silly and stupid things in order to be popular on the internet and we think this is the most extreme try.

We believe that the people should do everything to protect their self-respect. If you are mad at this ignorant and rude woman, then do not forget to SHARE her and let her be viral as she desired.