Is It Possible to Bring a Dead Person Back to Life?

Peter Rhee, the man who is trying to make it possible to resurrect dead organisms, is continuing his studies.

“When your brain stops working, when your heart stops beating and when you no longer have any blood, you are dead, but we can bring you back to life” says Professor Peter Rhee from The University of Arizona.

Human bodies that are officially dead to blood loss (due to reasons like gunshot wounds and traffic accidents) are rapidly taken to the cooling unit. While body temperature is being lowered on one side, the blood is drawn from the body and a saline solution is transfused instead of it on the other side.

The aim is to maximize the cooling speed with the saline water and rapidly reach the inner parts of the body. The purpose of cooling down is to prevent permanent damage to the body, especially the brain. When the metabolism rate reaches the minimum with the cold, doctors immediately take the patient to surgery and apply the necessary treatment.

When the blood is re-introduced afterwards, the patient (the dead one) opens his/her eyes again. The goal of this method is to buy some time for the doctors. Since it is difficult to treat patients with blood loss, cells get damaged due to the lack of oxygen in a few minutes. This method prevents this process.
The success rate of Peter and his friends’ experiments on pigs and rats is about 90%. The subjects are able to continue their lives the next day.