Nougat Spread: How Nutella Looks When the Ingredients Have Not Yet Been Stirred

Nutella is probably the most famous nut-nougat cream in the world.

The popular breakfast spread is repeatedly criticized because of the high sugar and fat content.

At the moment, the picture shows the picture of how Nutella looks unstirred. Clearly recognizable: the cream does not contribute to a healthy breakfast.

In the past, Nutella was advertised, among other things, with the slogan “naturally healthy”, but experts say there can be no question of this.

The world’s most famous nut-nougat cream has already been considered several times as dangerous to health because of the high proportion of sugar and fat.

How much of the individual ingredients are stuck in the popular breakfast spread can be seen on a picture that is currently on the Internet.

Also on a picture depicted on “Reddit”, which makes the round on Twitter, you can see how the bread spread looks unaffected in its individual components.

Here is the video of “what sugar do to the body”;

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