Parents Demanded Answers after Their Son Brutally Beaten Up

The family of a teenager from South Wales which was brutally beaten up, gave shocking photos of his injuries. The boy’s face is all swollen and covered in blood. The boy was at school on the way home and just got out of the bus when he was attacked without provocation by a group of youths. The boy had to be taken to the hospital with a broken jaw.

Sarah Davis pleaded on Facebook for help:

“Please, if anyone saw anything, please contact the police. I share this with the consent of his mother. ”

Police in South Wales came out with a statement to the outside where they encourage witnesses to report:

“The police Bridgend calling witnesses in connection with the assault of a teenage boy in North Cornelly. The incident took place when the 15-year-old victim on February 8 about 16 hours on the bus got into Woodland Place. In connection with these facts was meanwhile arrested a 17-year-old boy. ”

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