10 Best Countries for Women to Live in Today

The media organizations researched with more than 9000 women to determine best countries for women among 80 countries around the globe. The reason this research was led, due to not every country has valued the human rights in an equal standard to women and man. The criteria had a wide range of observations, from economic influence to citizenship and life quality and many more.

The top ones were elected by gender equality, human rights, progress, safety, and income equality. Each of these criteria in research has been examined over and questioned if it was hitting the marks. Other sources came after these criteria met. Such as if the people living there happy with public services, social inclusion, how they taking care of elderly people there and many details that would make a country more likely to preferred.

In today’s article, we would like to suggest some of the top countries that you can consider living. If you considering going abroad, you may want to take a vacation there to see if it suits you. Even if the criteria met and it is a good country for women to live, your job might not be a job wanted, or you won’t click with it. Our goal is to help you to describe the country for you so you may at least narrow your choices, so continue with us and let’s delve together into the best of the best countries for women.

Our listing will be from least to top at the end, and you will possibly agree with us why that country is winning in this research.

10. New Zealand

For both men and women, New Zealand has always been a safe and peaceful country. It is even leading this qualification with its peacekeeping and global security approach. One small detail but it has been nuclear-free zone since the 1980s. This can alone tell us that it is a country to try their best with natural source energy, to not leave much carbon footprint which is a remarkable approach in today’s society.