10 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World

It is often described as it is the best places or more beautiful places travelers visited had pure, pristine and crystal clear water. Due to its mesmerizing beauty and the desire to swim in it. The water quality is one of the important factors alongside with clarity, according to environmental scientists. These attributes of the water may come from its source, the sun, the dept, natural phenomena and the organisms living in and around it.

7. The Fabled Maldive Islands

If we didn’t include the most known location for its close to pure looking water, this list wouldn’t be completed without it. Probably you at least heard it or seen on the internet once, about the coral islands enclosed by a shallow lagoon in the middle of the Indian Ocean. All this isn’t enough to describe the beauty of this place on top of it the crystal clear water offers a once in a lifetime experience.