12 Attractive Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Square Faces

If the shape of your face looks like a square, different hairstyles may not look the way you imagined. Therefore, it may make sense to re-adapt the hairstyles to your own face shape and achieve an even more elegant and aesthetic look.

Women with square face lines often prefer hairstyles that will camouflage the their of her face. This makes it possible for the face to look more aesthetic, proportionate and feminine. Today we will share our hairstyle suggestions for square faced women. When you read these suggestions, you will have more detailed hairstyle ideas in your head and you will feel better!

Shoulder-length hairstyles for square faces hairstyles are already quite popular recently. Because women with square faces usually prefer medium-sized hairstyles rather than long hairstyles.

Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair with Highlights

If you have dark hair, an ombre application in shades of red can create an extremely aesthetic appearance. After doing such an ombre application, we recommend you to use your hair in a wavy way. For an even more youthful and dynamic look, you can use your hair asymmetrically.