16 Easy Long Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Looking for the long hairstyles for oval faces? Look no further because, if you’re oval-faced, this is the definitive edit of the perfect cut for your face shape.

Face shape effects lots of details in your routine, from make-up to your haircuts. If you have an oval face shape you are lucky, because you have a face shape that can go with almost every hairstyle. You don’t need to cover any facial futures with tresses or soften any angles or add length to your face. There are still some tips you can follow to make it shine even better than before.

The difference in the oval face is that it is almost the same as a round face, but the distinctive difference is that distance from the forehead to your chin will be significantly longer than the width of your face. The secret of having nice long hair is that you need to look after it and make it stay healthy. If you aren’t looking after your hair, the condition will determine the length. In this article, there will be tips for long hairstyles for oval faces that you don’t want to miss.

Chest Line with Bangs

You are lucky with an oval face because a full fringe will not make it look too round. In the picture, choppy bangs and wavy locks look perfect. One of the biggest advantages of having a long hairstyle is that hair colors also shine better. Overall, it is a simple everyday look round face woman can have.