18 Brilliant Straight Hairstyles with Bangs for a Fresh New Look

If you are constantly busy during the day and therefore do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time for your hair or overall appearance, what you need to do is quite simple. When you use your hair straight, your hair will not be distorted. Therefore, your hair will have a very aesthetic and stylish look even when you get out of bed.

All of the hairstyles we will share with you in our article today are straight hairstyles. You can choose a straight structure for short or long hairstyles.

In short hairstyles, a straight structure usually causes you to have a radical stance. In long hair models, a straight hair structure generally allows you to have a feminine posture. You can get an aesthetic look for this kind of image much more easily.

The straight hair structure can sometimes look pale and weak. The image you have in such hairstyles will be an unhealthy image. If you want to eliminate the unhealthy look, you can just gently add curls to the ends of your hair. Here are 18 different alternatives for you:

Straight Hair with Warm Ends

If you want your hair to look aesthetic, you can add a different air to your hair with bangs models. The bottom part of the hairstyles will be dark color, while the rest will have a blonde look, which will give you a more modern look. Therefore, you can get a view like the photo below.