22 Famous Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston has for a long period been seen as a role model to many women as far as hairstyles are concerned. Long, short or medium length, the actress proves that sometimes less is more when it comes to hair. Here are some of Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles worth checking out.

In today’s article, we will cover how and why Jennifer Aniston’s hair becomes an icon. She is an American actress, businesswoman, and producer. If you were around in the 90’s, you would recognize her from her big role in Friends as Rachel which gave a whole generation a decade of the same haircut just by that role.

You would ask so what is her secret that becomes so popular? Easy answer is simplicity. She doesn’t want to look like she put too much effort into the look while maintaining a girl from next door natural look. As everyone has different tastes in styles, she defined her style as simple, which most of the people look like in their everyday life. Not all of us are superstars, we will do our hair or put a nice dress when its needed but, we don’t need to this every day. So that is why it became so popular. Her haircuts are effortless and easy. Continue reading and let’s find out together what kind of hairstyles she used along with her career on screen.

Long Layers

Her hair just screams “natural” in all shapes and forms. The ashy highlights coming around the long deep layers just looking gorgeous. This casual hairstyle is just too perfect. Easy to use, no need for the extra struggle, it is good as it is. This hairstyle would look good on the woman around her age or more. That would cover their age which caused facial flaws.