4 Natural Remedies to Help Fight Sinus Headache Pain

Certain natural home remedies that you can use by consulting with your physician can help opening up your sinuses.


By applying 200 mg of eucalyptus oil three times a day, you can relieve the inflammation and the symptoms of sinusitis. It also helps clearing the congestion by thinning out the mucus secretion thanks to its expectorant properties.


Horseradish is not only used for flavoring meals, but it also opens up the sinuses. Keep ¼ teaspoon of horseradish in your mouth until its flavor fades away. It is also an antibacterial food.

Chili Pepper

Thanks to its mucolytic content, chili pepper helps clearing the mucus. It relieves the sinuses by stimulating the nerve endings. By allowing clearance, it reactivates the sense of smell. It cures the headaches related to sinuses.


Ephedra, a plant that is specific to Asia, helps with respiration. It opens up the bronchia since it contains ephedrine. By reducing the swelling of the blood vessels of that area, it makes clearing the congestion easier.