5-Year-Old Girl Sneaks Her Sleepy Cow Friend Into The House For A Nap

Kids have different perspective on the world; 5-year-old Breanna is one of them. She looks at animals very different than adults. She has a cow friend named Izzy. She took the cow into the house for a nap.

Her mother Billie Jo Decker was extremely surprised when she saw a cow in the house. She offer a change to explain the situation and come clean. Breanna tries her best to find a logic excuse but can’t do it. Because she has a huge creativity and imagination.

When you take a look their YouTube video; you realize that Izzy behave cow like a dog. This cow came into farm just a few days old. Decker says that Izzy is like “Matriarch of Cows”. She has a good place in their hearts. Decker loves animals and that reflects her children. Her children love animals too.

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