6 Menstrual Disorders That Could Indicate A Health Issue

Do not underestimate the menstrual period problems such as menstrual irregularity, excessive bleeding, pain and cramps. They can be related to many different serious disorders.

1. Persistent and excessive bleeding is a sign of tumor

If your menstrual period lasts longer than 8 days and if the bleeding is more than normal, it can be a sign of tumor.

2. Extreme pain is a sign of endometriosis

Pain and cramps are experienced by a lot of people. But if this pain is so extreme that you cannot do your routine operations, this pain can be a sign of the disorder called endometriosis. In this disorder, the uterine tissue starts to grow outside the uterus instead of growing inside.

3. Menstrual irregularity is a sign of hormonal imbalance

While menstrual irregularity below the age of 20 is normal, it can be related to hormonal imbalance after 20. If obesity, excess hairiness or hair loss and acne are accompanying menstrual irregularity, the probability is even higher.

4. Interruption of the menstrual cycle affects fertility

Low fat rate puts the body on the survival mode and the body starts to carry on only the vital processes. In such a case, menstrual cycle may stop. If you are not getting your period, infertility is unavoidable since the ovulation stops.

5. Menstruation period doesn’t prevent you from getting pregnant

Since you pass your ovulation period, your probability of getting pregnant is low but this does not mean that you cannot conceive. Since the sperms can stay alive in the body for 5 days, you may get pregnant as soon as your menstruation period ends.

6. Menstrual period abnormalities may be caused by thyroid

Women who have thyroid disorders also have a high risk of menstrual irregularity, infertility and problematic pregnancy. For this reason, any abnormality about your menstrual period may be a sign of thyroid disorder.