A Bird Built Her Nest On Their Patrol Car, But You Will Never Guess What These Police Officers Did Next!

We will tell a story of mom to be bird here. I love this story! She is really luck because she found very good friends. She build her nest on backup patrol vehicles.

She found an interesting place to nest. Ohio’s Parma Police Department realized that she was here. They did not evict this bird, they make here more comfortable.

The place that bird picked to lay her eggs didn’t have any protection, officers helped her for that. As you can see from picture they placed an umbrella here. So eggs can be protected from rain and sunshine.


Their kindness did not end with that. They tape off the parking spot to prevent someone bothering her. Officers also dig up worms to feed her during incubating period. Because; good nutrition is very important at this stage. These officers are real heroes!

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