After This Baby Bear Lost His Family In A Car Accident, Officers Found Him Crying In The Woods!

Something bad happened when a little black bear and his family tried to cross down Virginia road. His family stuck by car and died; this cute baby left alone.

Baby ran into forest and started to cry. When police officers came they heard something like screaming. They headed into the forest and found this little poor animal. Bear looked so scared.

Dr. Dave McRuer examined him; despite of all these terrible experience he was really healthy. But he was alone and can’t go back to wild life. Because; he is too small to survive. Now he was not alone, he has two siblings in his temporary home.

They do not give names to animals because they will release wild life. But he has no tag on his ear, so they called ‘no tag’ to him.

His video is below. He loves this new environment and friends but he still so cautious.