Blind Pitbull is Taken Care by His Rescuer Angel

A blind puppy would have a terrible life but he doesn’t.

An accident cause him to be blind although the intense care.

Frame decided to adopt him and open her house.

Bear, the blind pitbull had some more surgeries to take his eyes out which cannot see.

He could easily learn every detail in home.

He even has a Golden Retriever best friends.

At first they couldn’t get on well but now they are.

Now they do everything together including having a lot of fun.

Now Bear gets on well with every dog he meets.

Bear has a lot of meaning for his owner Frame.

He is with her in her good and bad times to support her.

He sleeps with her and snuggles during the night.

Although he is blind, he has a very normal life just like other dogs.

She is very happy with him and states that he is not like a blind dog and has no difference then other pets.