You Can’t Believe What This Man Found in 350 Feets Down in a Canyon

Zak Anderegg decided to hiking by himself and then he went to the deeps of a canyon where he found a puppy all alone.

The puppy’s condition was really poor which he could even count his bones. No one knows for how many days the puppy was in there without water and food.

It was not possible for the puppy to go down that much by himself and this is why probably someone who is cruel left the dog in there.

Fortunately, Zak Anderegg could manage to find him down in there and thus the cute puppy had a chance to live instead of being left to death in the canyon.

Watch the first moments Zak Anderegg found the puppy in the canyon from the below;

He adopted this little puppy and named him Riley, now Riley and Zak go hiking together from time to time and enjoy the nature.

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