Dog Has Months To Live, So Dad Decided to Take Her On Best Road Trip Ever

Robert Kugler is a marine veteran from Broken Bow. Nine years ago; he finds his best friend Bella that is a sweet chocolate Lab.
Last year; he got a sadly news about Bella. He learned that Bella has a short time because of illness. She had a terminal cancer which already spread to her lungs. Bella has bone cancer before that and lost her front legs in May 2015. Kugler found an idea to make this remaining time more meaningful. He decided to have a road trip with Bella across the U.S. They start this journey from Marine Corps ball in Chicago in November. They said Bella has just six more months left but she is still good and 14 months passed.

They visited so many places together like Cleveland, Niagara Falls, Washington, D.C., and Florida. Kugler shares this road trip story by his social media accounts. You can follow Bella and her daddy on Instagram and SHARE this expressive story.