Dog Lost At Sea Swims To Island And Survives 5 Weeks Alone!

This 18-month-old German Shepherd you can see from picture; found alive 5 weeks after fell from a fishing boat.

Her name is Luna. She fell from the boat on the 10th of February. Her owner Nick Haworth report this situation to authorities immediately after she is missing. He knew them Luna is a good swimmer and he thought she can survive. He said that to authorities.

U.S. Navy searched the island but they couldn’t find Luna. Haworth also searched Luna himself. After two days of searching they give up. A Naval spokeswoman said she saw Luna on the island. They called Haworth for identification. He was very surprised when they call. And they finally reunited together.

Luna is true warrior and fight for her survival. Now; he is really happy to find Luna. He posted “I always knew she was a warrior.” On Facebook.

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