Dogs of the Shelters Sip Their Puppuccino and Take a Photo to Find a Home

Unfortunately, every year almost 4 million of dogs are left by their owners and they are placed to shelters. And every one out of three is euthanized in the event that they cannot find a new home to themselves.

A community launched a campaign to save the dogs from euthanization by finding a home to them.

They have a very creative idea which they take the dogs for a ride and buy a puppuccino to them from Starbucks and meanwhile they take their photos as well to share on social media.

You can check the adorable pictures of these homeless dogs while they are enjoying their puppuccino in our article.






Puppuccino is the secret formula of Starbucks which is full with cream and totally harmless for pets. Thus you can only find it in some Starbucks shops.

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