Everything Fascinates The Perfect Harmony. The Remarkable Relationship Between Dog and Woman!

The dog that was brought in from the shelter could only be so wonderful. Kayla Filoon, a 20-year-old student. It is a pleasure to look at the animals at the bar and spend time with them, a hobby at the same time. Filoon is a volunteer at ACCT Philly and spends most of her time with dogs here.

Everything has changed so much that day. Filoon was alone in the barracks and a pitbull was about to attack him. To protect her, another dog jumped on the pit bull. At the end of the fight, Russ’s whole place was covered in blood and almost everywhere was cut off.

The embarrassed filoon, looked at the dog and was buckled inside. From then on, she had compassion for the dog. And she owns it.

Filoon briefly explained this situation as follows: “He came in as a rambling, and it was really beat up,” and added “It was missing fur on his tail and also it’s ears. It was also extremely  skinny.

They told me it was about 40-50 pounds when it came into the shelter.”, “Russ was just sitting there sedately, staring at me,” , “And I thought that, it is terrific! I need to take it now.”

Now, Filoon and Buss are in perfect harmony. They even developed a different method of agreement among them.