Forbidden to Touch This Plant!

Forbidden to Touch This Plant!

Manchineel, (Hippomane mancinella), Euphorbiaceae is a tree growing in Western India and tropical America. It may be 3-15 meter long, has small, pink flowers and apple like fruits.


Manchineel tree, “The World’s Most Poisonous Tree” in the Guinness Book of Records is a rare tree found in Florida, Bahamas, Carabbieans, Central and South America. Even a single touch is dangerous and cause serious burnt on the skin.

serious burnt on the skin

Human body reacts to its poison in a short time and the skin blisters.

Hippomane mancinella

When it rains, it may be dangerous to get close to it, because a raindrop may splash, and when a Manchineel tree burns, its smoke may cause blindness.