Handicapped Duck Lemon Rescued By Loving Humans Celebrates Her 10th Birthday!

Hi everyone, do you want to meet lovely Lemon? She is a Peking duck and hatched in April of 2006, now she is celebrating her 10th birthday. She has a neurological condition which affects her coordination and balance; so she can’t walk and stand. Her friends prepare a special equipment that helps her to walk and stand by her own.

Do you know that she is also a good swimmer? This disability does not affect her life in negative way; she has a good life due to Laura Backman. We talk about her disability but do not feel sorry about it because she has wonderful life and this disability is not painful for her.

She goes plenty of places with family like swimming, concerts and malls. She lives those adventures with Laura. Her favorite activities are swimming, eating and cuddling. Laura says she is a really good friend and they both so happy.

Watch the video below: