How to Dye Hair at Home: 16 Expert Tips for Coloring Your Hair

Women can create a new image and made a drastic change by simply dyeing their hair. However, they do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to do so. If you are looking for a cheaper and more effective solution, then this guide in which we explained how to dye hair is just for you.

Part 1. Getting Prepared for Dyeing Your Hair

Step 1. Wash Your Hair a Day Before

Ladies need to wash and clean their hair at least a day before to get ready for dyeing. This will help your hair to secrete natural oils so that the hair dye you are going to use can bind your hair easily. As a result, you can have a more long-lasting dye.

In case you are going to dye your hair tomorrow, then you should also not use any conditioner. Such products remove the natural oils and make the dyeing process more challenging for you.

In case you have dry hair then it may be better for you to condition your hair daily for at least five minutes for a week. But you need to give a break to conditioning a day before the dyeing process. In this way, dyeing your hair will be much easier for you.

Step 2. Pick a Dye for Yourself

Today, you can find more than a hundred shades in a single hair dye color and this makes everything challenging. However, there is a simple rule that you need to follow while choosing your new hair color. Make sure that you pick at most two shades lighter and darker than your natural hair color.

In case this will be your first try, you can prefer the temporary hair dye too. In this way, you will not have to worry about anything even you ruin your first try. You will not have to stress for making mistakes and even when you do, you can simply wash your hair to get rid of the dye.

You can find plenty of temporary hair dye options in the market such as mousse or chalk. In general, these dyes rinse out after a few showers. On the other hand, you can also prefer semi-permanent hair dyes which will rinse out after 20 and 30 showers.

Step 3. Protect Yourself and Your Stuff from Dye Stains

You may want to dye your hair, but we bet you will not dye your stuff or bathroom. This is why it will be a wise choice to cover the things around you to protect them. As you know, hair dye cannot be removed with machine wash. So in case, you do not want to throw away your amazing stuff and waste your money, make sure that you wear an old t-shirt and cover everything around you.

Step 4. Wear a Towel or Cape to Protect Your Shoulders

Some of the dye is going to drip while you are dyeing your hair. This is why it is important to cover your shoulders to prevent the stains. If you have a cape which you do not wear a lot, you can use it in your dyeing processes. If you do not have any capes, you can simply pick one of your old towels and use it every time you are going to dye your hair. You may also want to use a clip or safety pin to secure your towel or cape.

Step 5. Brush Your Hair Well

Since you are going to start dyeing your hair from now on, you need to make your hair ready for this process. Ladies need to brush their hair well to make sure that they have no tangles. Thanks to brushing your hair, you can also apply the hair dye evenly to all parts.

Step 6. Cover Your Neck, Ears, and Hairline

Generally, most of the hair dye packages include conditioner or lip balm. You can use these to cover your ears, hairline, and neck. No one would like to deal with removing the hair dye that is on their skin. Thanks to these substances, you can easily remove the dye on your skin instead of wasting at least hours.

Step 7. Wear Your Gloves

Again, most of the hair dye packages include a pair of glove. You can use these gloves or any gloves you have at hand. It is quite important to wear these gloves in case you do not want to spend hours while trying to remove the dye on your hair.

Step 8. Mix Your Dye in a Bowl

All the hair dye packages come with instructions. You need to follow these instructions to prepare your hair dye and you are going to need a bowl to do so. Ladies need to make sure that they will mix the dye very well and make it ready for the dyeing process. Otherwise, you may see different shades on your hair once the process is completed.

Some of these packages also include a brush. We recommend you use these brushes or any brush you can find in your local beauty store. This will make things easier for you.

Step 9. Mix Developer and Dye

Only a few brands offer a developer together with the hair dye. In case you find this material in your package, then you need to make sure that you have to mix both of these substances very well. If you do not find this substance in your package, you can also buy this from any local beauty store.

We recommend twenty percent of developers for ladies who want to dye their hair at home.

Part 2. Starting to Dye Your Hair

Step 1. Separate Your Hair into 4 Sections with a Comb or Brush

You may want to have some plastic clips at hand to prepare your hair for the dyeing process. Ladies need to separate their hair into four sections to start the dyeing process. You can use a comb or brush to do so.

Step 2. Apply the Hair Dye to Separated Sections

You may want to create subsections in these four main sections to work easier. Ladies need to apply the hair dye they prepared evenly to these sections. It may be a good idea to use a brush to evenly apply this hair to these sections. You can also use your fingers to distribute the dye on your hair. It does not matter where you are going to start applying the dye on your hair.

In case this is your first time, then it will be better for you to leave about 1 inch from your scalp. If this will be your second time, you can leave about half an inch from your scalp.

You need to make sure that you evenly apply the dye to your entire hair. Otherwise, you may have to work on your hair to make sure that you have the same shade in every part.

Ladies with thick hair should separate their hair into more parts. Thus you can easily work on these sections and apply the dye evenly.

Step 3. Set the Timer According to the Instructions

You need to follow the instruction provided in the package. This is why make sure that you set the timer to the mentioned period after you complete dyeing your hair. Ladies should pay attention to follow these rules strictly. In case you have gray hair, you may want to keep the dye on your hair for the maximum period allowed. In this way, the dye can easily bind with your hair.

You must never leave your dye for a day on your hair. This will only burn your hair and cause severe irritation on your skin that can lead to more severe problems.

Part 3. Rinsing Your Hair After

Step 1. Clean Excess Dye on Your Skin with Wet Cloth or Paper Towel

You need to remove the excess dye on your skin with the help of a wet cloth or paper towel. However, you need to make sure that you will not disturb the dye on your hair. This is why you may want to wear a shower cap while doing so.

You can also wear a shower cap to speed up the dyeing process. If you prefer this method, make sure that you wrap a towel around your head to retain the heat in the cap.

Step 2. Wait for the Timer

Once you are all done with everything, now you need to wait for the timer. You can now take a bath or wash your hair in the sink. We recommend taking a bath with warm water so that you can rinse the dye easily. You need to rinse your hair until the water will run clear.

It will be worth to note that you are going to see plenty of different colors while rinsing your hair. You should not worry, and you did nothing wrong. This is completely natural, and you can see these colors in all permanent hair dyes regardless of their color.

Step 3. Use Shampoo and Condition after Rinsing

Once you get out of the shower, engage in something for at least an hour and then take a shower again. This time, you need to shampoo and condition your hair. It will be better if you will use the conditioner that came with your hair dye. Make sure that you are going to rub this conditioner to your entire hair.

If you did not receive any conditioner with the package, you can use your regular conditioner at home.

Step 4. Dry and Style Your New Hair

You are completely done! Now all you need to do is dry your hair and shape it the way you want. We believe that you are going to love your new hair color a lot! In case you made mistakes during the dyeing process, you can also visit a hairdresser for correction. Moreover, you need to wait at least 2 weeks to dye your hair again. Otherwise, you may damage your hair.