In A Very Rare Event A White Tiger And A White Lion Mate, Wait Until You See Their Babies!

When it comes to strong animals; tigers and lions come to mind first. These two kinds lives separate in nature. But manmade zoos have brought these two beautiful kinds together. Here you will see a wonderful example of this situation. The regal lion and the formidable tiger are together here!

In South Carolina, at the Myrtle Beach Safari one of the best matches is made. Ivory the lion and Saraswati the tiger fall in love! This is an unusual situation. Two of them has white coat that makes this match even more different and unique.

These two albino cats had something historical. Now, they have four liger babies which looks extremely cute. This is the first in history. Names of these babies are Odlin, Samson, Yeti, and Apollo.

You can see their video here.

They may be the cutest babies I’ve ever seen.

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