Mother Rat Puts Her Own Life At Risk For His Baby Caught By A Snake!

Mothers’ love for their babies is everywhere including the rats. In the footage, a mother rat battles with a scary snake for her baby fearlessly. If you think rat mothers are different than ours, see the video that will change your opinion.
The whole event, that begins with a baby rat in a snake’s mouth, was filmed by Rojas Montecinos Evy, who came across this act of motherly love as she was going back home.
As the snake wants to get away with its prey, brave mom attacks against the snake’s tail in order to save her baby.
Her exertions are merciless, and each second is significant for the life of her baby!
Unexpectedly the snake drops something unmoving and slithers towards the bushes.
Mama approaches the baby as it starts moving. She grabs him away from the road.
As we investigated, most probably the snake is not poisonous and the baby rat won’t die.

See the video below.

Though the mother rat is small in size her love and protection for her baby is big!
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