Naked Guinea Pig Poses With All His Favorite Foods

Are you ready to meet a cute pig? It might be unlikely to see naked guinea pig from Poland, this lovely pig’s name is Ludwik.

Ludwik has an Instagram account which is really popular. You will see he is in love with these favorite foods from these photos. He is making modeling with favorite foods.


He likes broccoli, plums; but his very favorite is mint leaves!

Ludwik 2

All these activities are tiring, so he needs to relax and sleep. He really enjoys taking photos but sometimes he fall asleep because of tiredness.

Ludwik 3

His owner Agata tells the funniest thing about Ludwik about is that he can fall asleep almost everywhere; even during vet’s appointment. He can sleep all the time and everywhere. He can spend all day sleeping.

Ludwik is one year old and very happy with his owner Agata. You can find more photos of Ludwig from his Instagram account!