Owners Let to Dog Choose a Friend from Shelter, You Won’t Believe What He Choose

A puppy named Raven brought to animal shelter by his family in order to choose a new friend for himself.

Owners of the puppy already have one cat and him at the house but they decided to adopt one more dog to let them play together when they are not at home.

However the thing that Raven did surprised his family. He didn’t interested in any of the dogs in the animal shelter but a cat.

It seems like Raven really liked the cat at the first sight and the cat was enjoying from the company of Raven.

So they adopt the cat since Raven did his choice without thinking twice. You can see what a lovely couple they are from the pictures.

A puppy named Raven

They do everything together and already became great friends which seems like it will continue for the rest of their lives.

the cat since Raven

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