Owners of the Dog Chained Him While Moving

When the owners of Patsy decided to move from their house they tied them to house and left her in there while going.
When Hope for Paw volunteers visit the house they saw her waiting for some care from someone.

When the founder of the organization started to approach her, Patsy was very excited and looking for any type of food to be given to her.

She was extremely happy when she was freed from that chain.

She was taken to the clinic in order to get rid of the fleas on her.

She had to hospitalized due to a sickness named ehrlichiosis which pass to dogs through the ticks.

And she even kept playing in there.

Although she was very sick she was full of life and her joy never ended.

She will be fully healed in few weeks and will be able to be adopted by a family which will show the love she deserves.