She Quits the Job Since She Is Too Pretty To Work

Marie Buchan, 33, of Birmingham, England, is a single mom to eight children and has no job. But, she can earn at least $30,000 a year thanks to her welfare benefits.

She is earning a huge amount of money just cheating the system and the hard working people.

According to her claim she cannot work because she is too beautiful to work. She says that her appearance makes it too hard to find a job as a stripper.

She tried to work in some jobs such as auto mechanic and part time worker at weekends. She claims that working is not suitable for her because she cannot spend enough time with her children.

So, she is better off not working. Her children ages are between 2 and 13, and all have the same father. Also, her boyfriend pays some of her private spending according to the British news headlines. Watch this interesting story.

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