Shelter Dog CANNOT Contain Her Excitement About Getting Adopted

This photo must be the happiest dog adoption photo! This photo was taken last week. The dog’s name is Coso. Coso is a 7-year-old Australian sheepdog mix. Photo taken after few minutes that he is adopted!

You will see his new family from photo. Coso’s paws are high in the air; he looks so happy! Her previous family took Coso to shelter in Melbourne, Australia because they thought they couldn’t take care of her anymore. She had been languishing in that shelter and Lord Smith Animal Hospital took her and rescue. Just a few days after, a family came for adopt Coso. This is the family that you see from picture!

She says goodbye when she is starting a new life with her new family. It is an epic and cute photo. Do you want to SHARE this photo to remind the importance of adoption? That can changes a dog life forever!