Sometimes It’s The Kitty That Chooses Its Human, Watch What Happens When She Won’t Let Him Go!

While Kawasaki Hina walking through his home from the local park; something attracted attention of Kawasaki. That was a very little, cute and squeaky kitten. This little cat ran up to Kawasaki and did not stop following him.

She did not let him go. It is just like a kitty chooses its owner. That is very surprising.

Kawasaki Hina said that kitten was fall asleep at back of his house. He said that is like a love at first sight. They are like a family now and love each other too much. Cat’s name is Vell and she is 2.5 years old. Vell is really happy at her new home.

You can see how charm is Vell from the video below.

We really love this little and lovely cat. We want to thank you to Kawasaki Hina because he care Vell good. Vell is really lucky.

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