Stranded Dolphin Was So Sunburned By The Time Rescuers Found Her

A dolphin was founded in terrible conditions recently. But now her rescuers are really happy because she is swimming in open waters again!

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit announced this good news in their Facebook page. They found her in the U.K shore; she was not good because of severe sunburn. Rescuers were not shore that she succeeds or not when they carried her to the ocean again.

Her picture is right here! You see that they put fabrics on her to protect from sun when they decided what to do. Group decided to take a risk and took her to the deeper water for make her swim again. This is the right decision! Sunburn damage was severe but group keep a close eye on her and follow her situation closer. It is common to dolphins came shore to find a food. Every year thousands of them injured because they came shallow water.

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