Take A Look At This Dog Lover’s Paradise In Costa Rica…You Won’t Believe How These Strays Live!

The place that you see from photos is real! This is sunny place where temperature annually is 73 degrees. There are more than 900 dogs lived here together. It seems like a dream but it is true.

The name of this place is Territorio de Zaguates or “Land of the Strays”. This is a volunteer-run organization like shelters in Costa Rica. At this special shelter, every single dog can be adopted. Now, I will share very interesting information!

Do you know that every single dog has given a name here? Moreover, breeds are designed according to their characteristics.

Photos of this place are published on billboards of urban areas.  “When you adopt a mutt, you adopt a unique breed.” message is stated. If you are potential adopter, do not waste your time by searching online photos.

Come here and meet them face to face, experience that lovely atmosphere. This is a good option!

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