Terrified Dog So Happy To See Rescuers After He Was Abandoned During Hurricane

A dog who had been abandoned during floods in Hurricane Florence looked so happy when he was finally rescued.

The poor male dog was found in North Carolina by PETA on Monday (September 17).

The owners appear to have abandoned their adorable pup when they fled from the torrential weather of Hurricane Florence.

Watch the moment the dog gets rescued here:

The dog was trapped outside a home in Lumberton, where the River Lumber had burst its banks and the town became clogged with water.

Floodwater lapped at the porch of the house where the dog was and covered the wheels of the car in the driveway.

The brilliant rescuers approached the scared pooch through the water as he paced the porch and took a seat on the raised platform, calling the poor animal over to them.

He appeared terrified and extremely cautious, but still wagged his tail with happiness when the rescuers appeared and started to show him some love.

PETA staff took the abandoned dog to a staging area which had been set up by emergency workers. From there, the dog could be moved to a nearby shelter.

I can’t imagine how anyone could abandon their pet, but the organisation has had a lot of rescues to make following Hurricane Florence.