The Mystery of the Lost Continent Atlantis

The mysteries of the super civilization Atlantis, which were tracked by many governments of the world, especially the Nazi Germany.
The lost continent Atlantis, which had found its place in the works of Plato and Socrates in the Ancient Greek era and which is told to be the most advanced civilization of its time, is still attracting a lot of attention around the world. According to Plato, Atlantis, which is known as the lost continent, consisted of a few islands connected to each other, instead of a being a single island. And again, the sources related to Plato state that this continent of luxury and comfort was buried into the ocean over a single night.

Some Atlantis researches defend that Atlantis was a civilization that is highly rich and containing advanced technology. It is claimed that in this civilization, which was also ahead in architecture of its time, construction of the houses and temples was given particular importance and the temples that were made for their Gods, Neptune and Ceito, were made of gold.
The common belief about the Atlantis civilization that worships the Sun according to the statements of Plato is that they have been buried into water as a result of a big earthquake.

According to some sources, it is claimed that they have been punished by their Gods because the people of Atlantis was morally corrupt due to their richness and prosperity.
There are more than 100 works about the Atlantis continent, and the most intriguing one among them is Bacon’s. In his book named New Atlantis, he is telling about a utopic world that is similar to Atlantis.

One of the factors that make Atlantis intriguing, was Nazis’, who were obsessed with superior race, search for their roots in this civilization. There was a special division for Atlantis in Nazis’ world-renown library and the belief that the roots of SS, the most feared special unit of the Nazis consisting of only Aryan soldiers, are coming from the Civilization of Atlantis was commonly accepted…
Even though it is believed that these are just myths, current researches in the Europe continent confirm that these myths are consistent with the geological history, which in turn shows that the Atlantis Civilization will remain as a big secret of the history of humanity.