There’s Something VERY Interesting About This Tissue Box, When You See What It Is, You’ll Laugh Out Loud!

If one kitten can fit inside a tissue box; why two of them can’t fit in the same tissue box. Kittens are lovely and they make us laugh. This story is one of the good examples of their cuteness.

These two kitties could not realize that they can’t fit in together!

We share their video here.

In that video, there is a kitty in box and the other kitty is tried to get in. But there is no enough space. Other kitten wants to squeeze in there with her sister.

They look adorable. The cat inside slowly took her head from tissue box to see what is going on.

Finally, she decided to go out from box and leave her sister alone with box. Aren’t they looking extremely cute? This is really cute competition between two kitties.

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