These Fishermen Heard Cries From Under The Ice And Then Caught THIS Amazing Rescue On Video!

Here you will see amazing and surprising rescue video. A group of fishermen in Russia heard a voice comes under ice. They wondered this strange noise and tried to figure it out. So they decided to take it and realized some creature is here and desperately needed for their help.

They decided to help it. I can say these fishermen are so brave. Because, they risked their own lives to rescue it.

You can watch the rescue video below.

Fishermen tried so hard to help this poor animal and took him under the ice.

It is crying and that makes me really sad. I have never heard a cry like that before. So, I think these fishermen are heroes! We all should thank him for this brave rescue operation.

They rescued four orcas; one of them is baby, with the help of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. They set them free through Open Ocean.