This Baby Chimp And His Family Were Left To Die, Now He’s Drinking Fresh Water Because Someone Cared!

The chimps that you can see from pictures, was living alone on an island. Colony of chimps is dumped on these islands by the New York Blood Center.

Chimps were done performing research tests, and after tests New York Blood Center took them to the island. Chimps did their best to survive. But there is no food and fresh water on the island; so they started to be sick and diminished with time.

Baby Chimp And His Family

The little chimp in that picture is Finn; he is the newest member of chimp family. Her mother Anita was a victim of these horrific experiments. In the beginning; New York Blood Center supply food and water but then they just stopped. There are still good people outside, and they help these chimps.

Baby Chimp And His Family 2

They provide water and food for these animals. In that pic you will see Finn is drinking water from cup and he looks so grateful. If you are grateful that people and their effort please share this story.