This Boy Was Bullied For Being Different, But 10 Years Later He’s Shocking Them All!

For many years; this little boy bullied for being different. His name is Aidan Knaus and he has a remarkable gift. He loves sharing this gift with other people and helps them!

Life is really tough for Aidan because he has memory lapses, ADHD, and autism. Because of them, Aidan is bullied when he was a child and even now. But these overwhelming impacts can’t stop him. Now; he is helping out at a local retirement home.

Aidan is eighth grade student now. He loves talking with elderly patients and helping them. He takes them to therapy and the chapel at the VA Medical Center in St. Cloud. Now everyone wants Aidan, but he is very busy!

He used this gift for something good. He makes difference in the lives of our vets. Her mom says she is proud of her son.

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You can watch his video below.