This Kitten Really Has Rhythm, Watch What She Does When She Hears Her Favorite Song!

There are too many online kitten videos that we watch every day. This is one of them, but kitten here is so talented. This little kitty is enjoying ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. She is dancing with that lovely song!

Her name is Winnie. She is an abandoned cat which found by Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Now, she is really happy with her new family. She has a great sense of rhythm. She starts bobbing her head from side to side with song. She is obviously really cute. That is not just it! She also moves her legs according to music. She looks like dancing!

I love that small kitty. She looks really sweet! If you like her please share her video with your friends.

These videos show the importance of adopting a pet and give them a good home. When they have a good home, they will be really happy.