This Pit Bull Was Thrown In A Dumpster But He Is Still Very Happy

Meet with little Josh, he was thrown in a dumbster last January. As a result of this trauma; his lumbar/sacral spine was injured and he can’t use his legs anymore.

Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue took him to veterian control. According to x-ray results they understand even a surgery can’t help to fix this situation. Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue tried for fix that problem in February. The founder Erin became volunteer to care about Josh. She had experience special needs animals and she is also a massage therapsit in Bialy’s Wellness Foundation. After that; CBBR and BWF come together and cooperate to make Josh walk again like the old times.

An equipment is prepared and he get treatments like Integrative Pet Carephysical therapy, laser therapy, hydrotherapy, acunpuncture and NMES in Integrative Pet Care. In additio to these methods, Erin apply a daily massage to Josh. He wears “Scoot Suit” when he is not in wheelchair; he is bouncing around in that and looks adorable and happy.

Take a look video below: