This Puppy Can’t Play With Other Dogs, But Watch What The Donkey Does..

Kolima is a dog that wasn’t able to run around. This dog can’t play with other dogs but has a good friend. Her only friend which is a donkey comes near to play.

Felice Caputo is the owner of this pair. Kolima was born with spinal condition called wobbler syndrome that makes her shaky. So, it is really painful to stand up for her. She spends all day in a crouching position.

Paolo is 6-year-old donkey and realized the situation of Kolima. Paolo is like took Kolima under her wings and taking care of him. That is really cute and heartwarming story for everyone.

According to their owner; Kolima just find energy for playing with Paolo. That shows the strong bond between them. I think everyone will remember the power of friendship with the video below. You will see how happy they are together.

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