Top 10 Most Common Dental Misconceptions

There are some common misbeliefs about mouth and teeth health. Here are some of them.

If I get my teeth scaled, would it get stained quicker?

No, the rate of tartar build-up depends on oral hygiene, not on the cleanness of the teeth. If we brush our teeth adequately, we can prevent the tartar build-up.

If I brush my teeth with baking soda, would they be whiter and healthier?

No, baking soda it a grainy substance and if we brush out teeth with it, enamel layer gets scratched, eroded and it becomes more prone to getting stained. For this reason, it is not right to brush our teeth with grainy substances like baking soda or salt.

If I take a good care of my teeth, I don’t have to go to a dentist.

No, certain tooth decays can only be revealed during a dental exam.

Is teeth whitening harmful for teeth?

No, the teeth whitening agents that are being used today are safe and easy to apply. They have effects on the pigmentation of the teeth. They do not harm the teeth. They should be applied only under a dentist’s observation.

Brushing our teeth hard cleans the teeth better and makes them whiter.

No, brushing hard damages the enamel and erodes it by creating chronic trauma on them.

Each pregnancy results in teeth loss since the baby draws calcium from the mother.

No, gums and teeth are negatively affected during pregnancy since the oral flora changes. The mother does not lose calcium.

You cannot visit a dentist while you are pregnant.

No, getting dental treatments are suitable within the second trimester.

Since deciduous teeth will be replaced, they do not have to be treated.

No, since deciduous teeth guide the permanent teeth that will come after them, they have to stay in the mouth until the permanent teeth comes under it.

If the deciduous teeth is pulled out with needle, no teeth will come out after it.

No, the eruption of permanent teeth is not related to how deciduous teeth are pulled out.

Applying aspirin, cologne, alcohol etc. relieves dental pain.

These kinds of substances rather cause harm since they burn the soft tissue and they actually cause more pain.