Two Sibling Cats that Ride Almost Everything

Two rescue cats named Boomer and Didga have a quite normal lives.
Of course we do not consider their skateboarding hobbies

As well as surfing

In fact Boomer and Didga are two cats which are quite different and have lives which are much more exciting then the lives of many people. They literally natural talents

And a little bit advanture lovers
catmantoo 3
They are cool enough to underestimate what they do all the time and from time to time they go back to be cat and rest all the day for their typical duty
catmantoo 4
They like to get involve into advantures and like to travel. Didga and Boomer can also ride a bike in addition to the surfboards and skateboards
catmantoo 5
As well as the top of the cars
catmantoo 6
catmantoo 8
Golf carts too
catmantoo 9
Dogs as well
catmantoo 10
They have nice advantures together
catmantoo 11
And they be sure to have a good life
catmantoo 12
They are the best friends of each other and share a mutual life together.
catmantoo 13
And they rest sometimes as well since being a super cat may be tiring.