Watch Rooney’s FUNNY Response After He Sees Her Mom’s Glasses!

Rooney the dog was a bit naughty; he grinded her mom’s glasses with his teeth and hided them somewhere in their garden.

His mom looked for them for some days, yet couldn’t find anywhere. She decided to try the garden and found them there, and now is the confrontation time!

Rooney is happy to see her at first, but is she holding something? His response is a must-see when he notices the glasses she is holding. If he could talk, he would probably say: ‘it wasn’t me’ like a child.

But once she asks “did you chew it?” Rooney uses his best weapon, his cuteness?

Watch the funny below:

Rooney is definitely an adorable dog. Dogs do this. They chew things up and put them away somewhere to shun future annoyance.

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