What Not to Do Before Same Day Surgery?

Do you know what you should not do before going to hospital and before surgery? Here are the factors that can cancel a surgery or increases the risks.

According to the article of Daily Mail, statistics of health care system in England showed that one in every ten surgeries get canceled because the patient fails to follow the orders. Even though these cancellations are due to the fact that patients fail to follow the orders because of their daily activities, they compromise the health.

Here are the factors that can cause surgeries to be cancelled and that increases the risks.


Shaving any part of the body before the surgery disrupts the natural barrier that the skin provides against the skin infections since shaving causes microscopic cuts and irritation. Viruses and bacteria can colonize on these microscopic cuts that occur during shaving and these can infiltrate through the open wounds during the surgery.

Doctors say that it is better to shave right before the surgery rather than shaving a few days before the surgery.

Therefore, you should either shave about one week before the surgery and let the skin completely heal before the surgery or shave right before the surgery and go into the operating room before the skin is infected.

Taking blood thinners, either as medication or as foods

The blood thinners that are used for reducing the risk of heart attacks must be quitted before the surgery. Since these medications prevent the blood from clotting, they increase the risk of bleeding.

Similarly, foods that thin the blood, such as ginger and garlic, should not be consumed. These foods increase the risk of bleeding too and the doctors must be informed if these foods have been consumed.

Chewing gum

It is important not to eat any solid foods before the surgery, the doctors emphasize the importance of going into surgery with empty stomach. But some patients try to suppress their hunger by chewing gum. When you chew a gum, stomach thinks that food is coming and releases gastric acid.

The muscles of the gastrointestinal tract relax under the anesthesia, which can lead to vomiting. If the gastric acid reaches the lungs, there is a risk of death. Therefore, it is vital to follow dietary orders given by the doctor before the surgery.

Getting manicure and applying nail polish

Patients who want to look beautiful and well-groomed get manicure and put on nail polish, and they actually make things harder for the healthcare experts.

Doctors say that the oxygen level of the patients is measured through the fingers and that nail polish can prevent getting an accurate reading. So, in order to measure the oxygen level correctly, nail polish must be removed.

Similarly, since getting a manicure can cause cuts and increases the risk of infection like shaving, it is not recommended.


Experts say that smoking before the surgery elongates the process of healing. You should stop smoking one day before the surgery. Also, since smoking can cause coughing, it increases the risk of chest infections.