When Sailors Spot This Drowning Dog Clinging To A Sheet Of Ice And Begging For Help There Was Only One Thing To Do!

Very interesting thing happened in Volga River in Russia. You will see surprising video below. Recently; some sailors noticed a small brown speck. They wondered what this is and change their way through it.

Captain steered the boat very close to that brown object and they realized that is a dog waiting for rescuing. This dog is clinging to a small sheet of ice to save its life.

You can see from video below; that dog is in difficult situation and helpless.

He is having hypothermia because of ice cold water and on the edge of drowning. But still tries to hold the life. Dog is really lucky!

Sailors take him from ice cold water immediately. When the dog safely came on board, crew gave dog some warm blankets, warm food and drying him. They are the things what dog need! This luck dog is good now.

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