Woman Drives At 30mph To Keep Up When Exercising Her Dog

A woman’s doberman pinscher could give some record-holding sprinters a run for their money as she bolts at a speedy 30mph.

Some dogs can only be encouraged to run when they’ve got something exciting to chase, but, like a four legged version of Forrest Gump, five-year-old doberman Xena just loves running for the sake of it.

Xena’s owner shared the video of the excited pup as she sprinted down the side of the road before coming to a stop as soon as instructed.

Take a look at Xena getting her exercise here:

The video was taken in Bakersfield in California, a place which provided Xena with the long open space she needed to stretch her legs.

The keen dog anticipated her chance to run and could be heard whimpering with excitement as she waited for the permission that would allow her to take off like a rocket.

When the person behind the camera was ready in her car, she called ‘okay!’ to Xena and the dog shot off, the driver of the car pressing down on the accelerator to keep up with the speedy canine.

The dog looked like she could have carried on kicking up the dust as she sprinted forever, but as the wasteland came to an end the owner called out ‘wait!’, causing Xena to obediently slow to a halt.

Her tongue lolled from her mouth as she panted from her vigorous exercise, but there’s no doubt she loved the burst of energy!